Adjust Housing Instructions

Adjusting the ABH (if equipped)

Setting the adjustable bend housing is a fairly simple operation.

Below is the procedure for setting the HTI adjustable bend housing:

  1. Tong in the areas as shown in Figure 9. Do not tong on the Orientation Sleeve.
  2. Break apart the ABH connection.
  3. Unthread the Lower ABH Housing two to four complete turns.
  4. Referencing Figure 10 , slide the Orientation Sleeve down to disengage the interlocking teeth.
  5. To adjust the bend angle, rotate the Orientation Sleeve (no more than 1⁄2 turn either direction) unBl the desired bend angle mark is in-line with the identical bend angle mark on the Upper ABH Housing.
  6. Referencing Figure 11, slide the Orientation Sleeve upward so that the interlocking teeth are fully engaged.
  7. Check to see if the desired bend angle marks on both the Upper ABH Housing and the Orientation Sleeve are in-line.
  8. Apply thread dope to the bottom face of the Orientation Sleeve.
    Caution – Do not use thread locking compound on the ABH connections.
  9. While keeping the Orientation Sleeve fully engaged in the Upper ABH Housing, thread on the Lower ABH Housing until it shoulders against the Orientation Sleeve.
  10. Tong in the areas as shown in Figure 9 (above right) and apply the appropriate torque to the connection. See the Table on the next page for the recommended ABH torque values.
  11. The bend angle marks on the Upper ABH Housing and the Orientations Sleeve that match and are in-line with each other until the angle of the ABH. In addition, these matching and in-line bend angle marks indicate the high side of the tool.
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