Drilling Motors

Horizontal Technology, Inc. provides the best HDD Motors available.
A high-torque, low flow motor, engineered to meet the unique
demands of horizontal directional drilling, these rugged motors
improve penetration rates and last longer, saving the contractor
time and money.


» Low-Flow » High-Torque » Optimal RPM » Shorter Length » Adjustable Housing» Safety Catch Sub


» Maximum performance at lower GPM, lowers mud costs, reduces wear & tear on your pumps & cleaning equipment.
» Increases penetration rates and reduces damaging stalls.
» Motor is designed to better accommodate tri-cone bit RPM specifications and extend life of bits.
» Allows the steering tool to be closer to the bit and improves guidance capabilities.
» Allows on site adjustments, reduces downtime, and improves guidance capabilities.
» Offers protection from risk of tool loss and subsequent fishing operations