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In The News
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Source: Horizontal Technology, Inc.
Author: John English
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Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead
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Viper Rock Reamers

Viper Rock Reamers

HDD’s Best Hole Opener Just Got Better!


Better Production, Lower Costs


  • Proprietary Bearing Design
  • Larger Cutter
  • Maximum Shirttail Protection
  • Engineered Insert Configuration
  • Customized / Reverse Nozzles
  • Match the Cutter to the Formation
  • Stronger Design
  • Versatile Design
  • Easily Changeable Cutters


  • Increased Weight Capability With Less Torque
  • Longer Cutter Life
  • Improved Cutter Security
  • Maximum Cutter Efficiency
  • Impoved Circulation & Cleaning
  • Improved Penetration Rates
  • Minimizes Risk, Longer Life
  • Lowers Cost
  • No Down-Time

3 Reasons the Viper & Jumbo Viper are HDD’s best hole opening tools.

Reason #1. Pure Strength

Unlike other designs, where the cutter is only secured on one side, the Viper can sustain far more weight and much longer wear, with far less risk. Split bit designed tools can spit a cone at any time costing thousands and perhaps the entire hole. The dead pull weight capability of the Viper design exceeds that of any split bit hole opener. The Viper’s strong, eld replaceable arms secure the cutters at ID and OD, reducing risks, while extending down-hole operating hours significantly.

Reason #2. Cost $$

You only pay for the cutters you use. No need to purchase and then wait on the building of tools you hope turn out to be the correct style. With down time being HDD’s most costly problem, the ability to replace cutters, change cutters to match formation or even change the size of the hole opener at no cost and with no waiting can be the dierence between a prot or a loss. The Viper allows HDD contractors to take cutters from one size body and use them on the next size, saving thousands of dollars.

Reason #3. Cutter Design & Performance

The Viper hole opener combines maximum cutter size, bearing capability, improved seals, adjustable jet nozzles and strategically designed inserts/teeth combined with properly engineered angles to create the longest lasting, best performing hole opener to date. The Viper’s proprietary cutter design lasts longer, allows more weight, improves penetration and reduces torque. Matching forward and reverse jet nozzles to rig GPM cleans the cutting shoulder and protects the Viper hole opener body, reducing wear. Strategic angles protect cutter arms from bottom-side hole cuttings, extending arm and cutter life while improving tool eficiency.


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