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In The News
Source: Horizontal Technology, Inc.
Author: John English
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Source: Horizontal Technology, Inc.
Author: John English
"The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see."
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead
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Steering Services


The perpetual liability of a pipeline or utility rest squarely on the shoulders of its owner. Well trained professional, HTI Guidance Technicians provide our customers with the facts and the records needed to protect their investment. Unequalled in accuracy and documentation, Horizontal Technology provides a service and job package so detailed that it adds an incalculable value and long-term protection to the owner.


Horizontal Technology continues to raise the standards and professionalism of the HDD Industry.  Proper use of magnetic steering tools is not only the backbone of  HDD Industry; it is the foundation of Horizontal Technology's existence. The growth of this industry has created a void of experienced HDD managers resulting in a negative impact on the accuracy of lines installed worldwide.  Many new participants are using a form of wireline steering that is far less accurate than the standard tracking DC system.  In fact, a vast majority of HDD Design Firms are not aware of the differences between the two systems or the physics that dictate the accuracy, or lack of.  If your HDD Expert recommends or specifies anything other than a DC surface tracking system, chances are they are unaware of the differences and are not qualified to make a recommendation. There is nothing more important to the future of the HDD industry than accurate pilot holes and the documentation of installed line's location.  It is for these apparent reasons Horizontal Technology will continue to use only the most accurate, precise guidance systems available.


Horizontal Technology’s surveying and planning services will save the project time and money.   Many HDD Design firms have little understanding of proper guidance systems and methods or how these techniques are affected by the project's design and specifications. Projects designed at minimum distance and radius are common flaws that cost the HDD industry millions of dollars a year. The ability to properly set up and safely track the location of the drill bit's path are often negotiated before the project is ever open for bids. This procedure increases the risks and negatively affects the costs of the project. Taking time to discuss how the guidance system needs to be structured to match the projects design requirements is essential. Horizontal Technology can provide early, on-site surveying services or review existing data resulting in a practical plan and increasing the odds of a successful project. When utilized, this Horizontal Technology service saves owners and contractors time and money.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week; one call to Horizontal Technology and your steering needs are taken care of. All of our guidance professionals are graduates of an extensive field apprenticeship and are trained in every aspect of the H.D.D industry; from drill bits, to mud, to pumps. Technicians receive more than 288 hours of in-house classes and training, which includes extensive land surveying, and working with the most advanced equipment available. The result gives our clients the benefit of the entire HTI team on each and every project. 

Our services are customized to meet your needs.

  • Guidance Technician only 
  • Guidance Technician with Steering tools
  • Steering tool only
  • Complete pilot hole BHA (motor or jet)
  • 24/7 off site or on site trouble shooting to assist your Guidance Person

Horizontal Technology has the best trained, best equipped guidance technicians in the HDD industry.  Our professionals are seasoned experts.  Most importantly, with HTI you have the support of the entire company. Horizontal Technology provides guidance services to HDD contractors and project owners of all sizes to all corners of the world. When it comes to accuracy and precision (and it always does) there is no better steering system than DataTraX and no one more professional than Horizontal Technology.      


As quickly as the bit hits the exit stake, our guidance technicians are ready to print the post bore data packets. No records are thrown away, hidden or recalculated.  In addition, a formal finalized job packet, complete with all directional data and daily activity reports, will be sent to your office. Horizontal Technology can provide finalized asbuilt drawings or work with your in-house staff to produce the customized drawings in the format you need.


Horizontal Technology requires all guidance technicians to participate in what is easily the HDD Industry’s most thorough magnetic guidance training program. For our clients, HTI offers a customized version of the same program tailored to meet their specific needs. With a focus on proper HDD procedures and accuracy, the program instructs students on all aspects up setting up a directional drill and operating a magnetic steering tool.  

A version of this program can be taken anywhere and customized to your specific needs.


If your project requires an intersect, planned or reactionary, The HTI Shark Intersect program is all you need.  The best part, there are no additional footage fees or intersect fees.

The ability to drill into an existing Horizontal Directionally drilled hole may be the most over rated of HDD procedures.  We are aware that some of our competitors have written articles and papers on the miracle intersects they have performed. Some have even charged extra or required special down-hole magnets to perform an intersect procedure. The truth is, we are not familiar with a single HDD intersect attempt that has not been successfully completed.  Yes, it requires a precise set up, but so does any HDD project in which accuracy is an issue.

Our job requires hitting specific targets from spud to punch out.  We, at Horizontal Technology, performed our first HDD intersect early on, well more than a decade ago.  Locating an existing pilot hole and having hundreds of feet to adjust and intersect the hole seems quite simple if the Guidance Technician knows where he is.  Hitting a target, from either direction is what we do.  Even if the formation doesn’t allow us to place the bit at the target we know where we are in relation to that target.  We believed the Guidance technician should always know the location of the drill path and establishing a plan to intersect that path from the opposing direction is nothing to write a paper about.  We are far more proud of the projects that required intersecting vertical caissons or shafts.  These projects require the target to be hit at a specific point.  There aren’t hundreds of feet to adjust.  You must hit the target the first attempt.  We have successfully intersected a two foot window in a vertical steel caisson at a depth of 200+ feet from over 1,500 feet (away distance), in rock!  While these type of projects are special and do require proper set up, they aren’t magic.  They are the result of well trained Guidance Technicians, good steering tools and software, following procedures and our clients, the HDD Industry’s best contractors.



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