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In The News
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Steering and Pressure Tools

DataTraX System

The most advanced and most accurate HDD steering and pressure tool system available.

DataTraX (DTX) is the most accurate steering system available. The future of HDD depends on accuracy. Contractors must know where their drill bit is located and where it is headed. When the line is installed, the owner must know where it is. DTX is a complete system, from planning to as-built drawings, with all directional data documented and recorded. No other can match these features:

  • Most accurate steering tool and pressure tool
  • Most accurate steering software
  • Unequalled documentation and reports
  • GIS compatible
  • Flexible job set up options
  • 100% intersect success
  • No ridiculous footage fees.

DataTraX System with Pressure and Steering Tools

Pressure and Steering Tools

DataTraX System with Steering Tool

Pressure and Steering Tools

Horizontal Technology's DTX steering system offers the user a wide range of flexibility. Set the job up to the degree of accuracy needed. The system has been used to hit a 1' target at 190' deep, intersect oncoming bores or drill between existing lines. When precise accuracy is less an issue the job can be set up with a single wire streched over the entire length of the bore. In either case, the accuracy exceeds that of other systems. When set up properly, the DTX system can often exceed, ± 1 % of the depth. No other system claims this capability. The recorded data can be converted to Auto-Cad and is GIS compatible. Perhaps the best feature is that there are no footage fees, saving the contractor many thousands of dollars annually.

DataTraX Steering and Pressure Tool

Accurate, tough and proven; the DataTraX Steering Tool is built to withstand the harsh conditions inherent with HDD work and gets the job done with precision. The National Oilwell built tool utilizes only the best accelerometers and magnetometers offering unequalled accuracy from rugged instrumentation. Designed by and built for Horizontal Technology, the probe works directly with a downhole pressure component and DataTraX software making it the newest, most advanced HDD steering system available.

DataTraX Steering Tool Specifications
Inclination Range 0° to 180°
Inclination Accuracy ± 0.1°
Azimuth ± 0.75° (Inc > 10°, Dip < 70°)
Tool Face (Gravity) ± 1.0° (Inc > 10°, Dip < 70°)
Operating Temperature -40° C to +150° C
Survival Temperature -40° C to +165° C
Calibrated Op Range 0° C to +150° C
Voltage Supply +18 to 40 volts
Parameters Sampled Gx Gy Gz Bx By Bz Temp
Shock Qualification 500G 1ms on three axes 5000 impacts per axes
Vibration Qualification 27.5G for 10 minutes on each of the three axes
Instrument Length 635 mm
Instrument Diameter 36.5 mm (to fit 1.5" case)

The DataTraX Pressure Tool works directly with the DTX steering tool providing the client with annular and internal pipe pressure while drilling. Top and bottom bulkhead connections incorporate "Wrench Flats" to enable fast make up and break out without damage to beryllium copper pressure case. Designed by and built for Horizontal Technology, the pressure tool has been designed as part of the DTX steering package, making up directly to the steering tool and utilizing the same surface equipment and software.

DataTraX Pressure Tool Specifications
Pressure Range - Bore (P1) 0 to 2500 psi (0 to 173 Mpa)
Pressure Range - Annulus (P2) 0 to 2500 psi (0 to 173 Mpa)
Measurement Resolution 1 psi
Total Accuracy* ± 1.0 % (Full Scale)
Operating Temperature -20° C to +125° C
Survival Temperature -30° C to +165° C
Voltage Supply +15 to 30 volts
Maximum Current 150 mA
Parameters Sampled Gx Gy Gz Bx By Bz Temp
Shock Qualification 100G, 2.5 ms 1000 shocks
Vibration Qualification 20Grms, 20 to 500 Hz
Instrument Length 998.5 mm
Instrument Diameter 44.5 mm

* Total Accuracy (including thermal effects)

Standard Steering Tool Set

Standard Steering & Pressure Tool Set




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