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In The News
Source: Horizontal Technology, Inc.
Author: John English
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Source: Horizontal Technology, Inc.
Author: John English
"The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see."
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead
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Drill Bits

Varel® High Energy Series Bit

Horizontal Technology, Inc. provides only the best, newly manufactured rock bits designed for the unique rigorous conditions of HDD. No re-tips or re-circulated product, ever. Horizontal Technology uses the next generation in bit performance - the Varel® High Energy (HE) Series Bit. The HE Series bits are able to withstand applications where the combination of bit weight and rotary speed is at the high end of the spectrum, and by so doing, deliver better performance and outcomes in critical application. HE Series bits are engineered as a solution to increasing demands on drill bits which require greater weight on bit (WOB) and higher rotations per minute (RPM) for faster drilling.

  • HET™ Inserts - Improving the attributes of TCI overcomes the traditional trade-off between wear resistance and fracture toughness of TCI components and actually makes TCI components both harder and tougher.
  • Mud Motor Hardfacing - For demanding motor applications, a generous application of tungsten carbide hardfacing is applied to the shirttail lower edge and leading edge of the bit leg to provide enchanced seal protection.
  • Leading Edge Shirttail Inserts - Tungsten carbide inserts are placed along the leading edge of the shirttail providing additional wear resistance in motor applications commanding high RPM or where additional shirttail
    protection is needed.
  • Stabilization Inserts - Enchance standard shirttail patterns by providing bit stabilization and additional protection to the pressure compensator in high-angle applications or in deviation-prone formations.
  • V-Jet™ Hydraulics Nozzles - Aimed flow stream produces better cone cleaning, which improves bit penetration
    rates. V-Jets also maximize leg strength while minimizing overall bit length, helping deliver more hydraulic
    horsepower to the hole bottom. The shorter overall bit length improves steerability on directional BHAs.
  • Ball Retentation - Designed to retain the cone without carrying bit weight. This design technique prevents ball race spalling failures and extends bearing life.
  • Thermally Stable Extreme Pressure (EP) Lubricant - Formaulated to work synergistics with the bearing materials. The lubricant maintains high relative viscosity even when the bearings are subject to extreme energy levels in demanding applications.
  • Hardmetal Inlays - Critical bearing surfaces are presision-machined to provide superior bearing performance by reducing friction and wear.
  • Precision, Silver-Plated Floating Elements - Reduce bearing heat generation and prolong bearing life at higher
    rotary speeds.
  • HSN High Aspect Ratio Seal - Provides positive sealing against contaminates with lower seal face contact stresses. This reduces the seal operating temperature and extends seal life.
  • Shale Diverting Inserts / Shale Groove - More effective in diverting cutting away from seal, prolonging seal life.
  • Stabilization Inserts - Enchance standard shirttail patterns by providing bit stabilization and additional protection to the pressure compensator in high-angle applications or in deviation-prone formations.

Drill Bits

TCI Bits

Drill Bits

MT Bits

Drill Bits

PDC Bits







437 Soft V437 HP43A ATJ11 F1 S82F
447 Soft V447 HP51 AT11C --- S82DF
517 Soft to Medium V517 HP51X ATJ11H F15 ---
517 Soft to Medium V517C HP51A ATJ22 F2 S84F
527 Medium V527 HP52 AT22C F27 S85CF
537 Medium V537 HP53A AT33 F3 S86F
547 Medium ETD38 HP54 ATJ33C F37 S88CF
547 Medium ETD38G --- ATJ35C --- ---
617 Medium to Hard ETD44 HP61A ATJ44 F4/F45 M84F
617 Medium to Hard V617 --- ATJ44A --- ---
627 Medium to Hard ETD45 HP62 ATJ44C F47 M88
627 Medium to Hard V627 HP62A ATJ55R F5 M89FT
627 Medium to Hard --- HP62-JA ATJ44A F47 M88
637 Hard ETD55 HP63 ATJ55 F57 M89F
737 Hard ETD85 HP73 ATJ77 F7 H87F
837 Extremely Hard ETD95 HP83 ATJ99 F9 H100F



Size Range

Milled Tooth

Tungsten Carbide

API Connection

Makeup Torque FT.-Lbs.
Inches Millimeters Lbs. Kg. Lbs. Kb    
4 1/2 114 9 4.1 11 5 2 3/8 REG 3,000-3,500
4 3/4 121 14 6.4 16 7.3 2 7/8 REG 6,000-7,000
6 1/8-6 1/2 143/165 27 12.3 35 15.9 3 1/2 REG 7,000-9,000
7 7/8 200 74 32.7 82 36.3 4 1/2 REG 12,000-16,000
8 1/2-8 3/4 216-229 78 35.4 90 40.8 4 1/2 REG 12,000-16,000
9 7/8 251 135 61.2 150 68 6 5/8 REG 28,000-32,000
10 5/8 270 160 72.6 180 81.6 6 5/8 REG 28,000-32,000
12 1/4 311 210 95.3 235 106.6 6 5/8 REG 28,000-32,000


Long extension chisel. Shaped carbide inserts Aggressive design for ultra-soft formations to achieve high penetration rates with minimum down pressure.
Long extension conical. Shaped carbide inserts
Short extension chisel. Shaped carbide inserts Chisel shaped inserts on inner rows with gage shape variations from chisel to dome to resist gage rounding through the medium formation range. Extensions calculated for high penetration rates with maximum resistance to breakage.
Short extension conical. Shaped carbide inserts Conical shaped inserts on inner rows with gage variations from conical to dome for abrasive formations requiring maximum pressures. Optimum insert design for high penetrations rates in formations with high compressive strengths.
Round-top (Dome). Shaped carbide inserts Dome shaped inserts throughout for hard to extra-hard formations where heavy drilling weights are necessary. Optimum insert design and spacing for maximum resistance to abrasion and insert breakage.



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